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Puzzle Piece Keychain - Family - To My Girlfriend - I Love You With All I Am - Cagkwd13002


To make your Girlfriend happy, you don’t have to do anything really big. You just need to express your love to let her know that you always think and care for her. A beautiful Puzzle Piece Keychainwill be a great family gift idea on special occasions like her Birthday, Valentine's day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc… or simply just a gift for those ordinary days.

These necklaces feature two pieces puzzle pendants, engraving with characters "You are my missing piece" & "You fit me perfectly" on each. With the Puzzle Piece Keychain, you can wear a fashionable reminder of the way that you're connected, and you'll always have a piece of one another with you when you're apart.

It is a perfect couple set that keeps you two get closer to each other.

A lovely message is also sent along with the necklaces, which makes your gift even more meaningful.

She might have everything in life but she might have not received anything that is so special like this present before, especially from you.


  • Colors: Silver
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Durable stainless steel material


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